Saturday, February 28, 2015

Advanced Steps for Cleansing

If you want to have extra help when you’re cleansing (especially if you have breakout), try adding clay mask to your cleanser. You don’t need to do this, but I recommend experimenting with it and see if your face doesn’t feel a little cleaner after using this “advanced” technique. Truly there isn’t anything revolutionary or high-level about this, really, but I always commend those of you who choose to anything above and beyond your Basics routine.

In order to mix these two products together, I suggest these simple steps:
  • Squirt or pump or squeeze your cleanser into the palm of your hand 
  • Take your clay mask and mix some into the cleanser
  • I would use two parts cleanser to one part clay. This will give you a little deeper cleanse, along with a slight exfoliating action. 

Due to clay’s earth nature, it does have a semi-granular texture. So if you have a lot of infection to your breakout, don’t use this or just be sure not to rub too hard. You never want to break open your blemishes, unless you are purposely extracting them.
Another recommendation is to add equal parts of a facial scrub with your cleanser. I typically use this mixture when I’m cleansing my face in the shower. I do this primarily for the circulatory benefits, but if you are sensitive to scrubs, try this suggestion. By adding some scrub of choice to your cleanser (only a liquid or milky kind), you can get a little bit of exfoliating without irritating your skin.

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