Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just Say NO to a Lip Wax!

If you havent ever had your upper lip waxed—dont! The reason I dont recommend a first-time lip wax is simply because you will be starting a never-ending process. You could be creating thicker, darker hair in an area that may actually be just fine as it is. Contrary to what you may have heard (that the hair doesnt grow in darker after waxing), in my experience with what Ive seen with my clients is that it does.

What I have found throughout the years working on thousands of female clients is that they have a defective view of the hair that exists above their lips. Granted, some women do have a true moustache that contains thick, dark hair that may need to be removed. But for the most part, many women just think they need to have a lip wax, when in actuality they have no real noticeable dark hair on their upper lip. Unfortunately this is sometimes encouraged by fellow aestheticians.

I used to offer waxing at my salons. Why? I knew people (mostly women) were going to get waxing procedures done. At least in my salons I would have done the best job I could to ensure every client would have a proper waxing experience. Call it quality control. I didn’t personally execute the service myself, but my employees did. They were, however, discouraged from waxing someone for the first time, especially a lip wax. The reason I instructed my employees to never do a first-time lip wax is simply because I didnt want to be contributing to any clientaforementioned never-ending process.

Now, I no longer have employees and I havent offered waxing services for years, and I havent performed a lip wax since working at The Spa at the Crescent, which was my second skin care job in 1986. So not only do I not recommend waxing, I am no longer qualified to give this service. Truthfully, I didnt like waxing simply because I was and am more interested in helping people take care of their skin, from the inside out, so removing hair wasnt going to be a service I provided when I opened my own business. I do, of course, have referrals for anyone who wants to get waxing services.

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