Monday, February 23, 2015

Aestheticians/Pros: PLEASE READ THIS!

For a while now I have been posting articles for the layperson here on ageless beauty, timeless skin, and I hope this information is and continues to be helpful for you in keeping your skin healthy and balanced.

Many aestheticians also read this blog, and originally I was going to post articles here to help professionals from my 30 years of experience. I changed my mind and created a new blog: Help for Aestheticians: Starting a business. There I will be posting many articles for skin care pros.

Most of the articles will be about how to run a successful business—or how I have, anyway. There are many ideas that can help almost any business looking to increase their client base along with ideas to build client relationships.

For any of you interested in seeing how I have run my business, read away! Some of the posts may actually be interesting to you, although I wrote them for professionals who I hope will get good ideas to help them in their businesses and their careers in skin care.

Also, I won’t be posting articles from the professional blog on my FB page like I do from this blogsite. You’ll have to visit the new blog in order to read any new or existing articles. Click on the title to be taken to Help for Aestheticians: Starting a business. Enjoy!

For more information, see: