Friday, August 12, 2016

The Extras work! Clients see improvement in their skin with these simple Extras

As their name implies, The Extras (done once or twice a week) are additions to your daily Basics 1-2-3 program that can help to keep your skin clear and healthy. These two extra steps are exfoliation and using a facial mask, preferably a clay mask. You can do The Extras individually on different days (exfoliate one day, clay mask a different day), for instance; or both together in one day; or incorporate them into an at-home facial, which to me is the best option. However you decide to integrate these steps into your skin care program, using them is important and will give you benefits whenever and however you choose to do The Extras.

I bought a clay mask because, just like you state in your book, I have seen an improvement in glow and cleanness from exfoliating and masking weekly.

The Extras (exfoliating and masking) plus relaxation combine to create an at-home facial, essentially. Relaxing—if you have time—is a nice extra Extra to add to your program and is an essential component, especially if you are under stress.

Facials, as many of you know, have a relaxing component to them, so including relaxation to your at-home facial elevates the benefits to your skin as well as your whole being. Although a professional facial involves a lot more than this, the point of an at-home facial is to get some of the results of a professional treatment in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Relaxing could be as simple as lying on the couch while your clay mask is doing its job. You can get a little more elaborate if you want to by drawing a bubble bath and lighting scented candles, and even playing relaxing music. However you choose to incorporate these (two or) three steps, The Extras can make a big difference in your skin.

Here are the steps you’ll want to take for your at-home facial:
  • Clean your face
  • Use your exfoliator of choice
  • Then apply the facial mask 

If you have problem skin, a clay mask is a must. Even if you don’t have problems, clay is beneficial for all skin types. I continue to prefer clay over hydrating masks; they simply have more benefits than a mere creamy mask.
  • If you use clay, you need to keep it moist, so 
    • Take your spray toner or water in a spray bottle with you into the tub or wherever you plan to relax
    • Spray your face intermittently during the 15 or so minutes you have the mask on to keep it from drying on your skin
  • Once your time is up, rinse the mask off
  • Apply toner
  • Use your favorite moisturizer and eye cream

Take as much time to relax as you can. After all, this is part of the at-home facial experience. Whether you elaborate on The Extras and create an at-home facial or just exfoliate and mask, doing The Extras once a week (or 2-3x a week if you have problem skin) will give you good results and help to maintain clear and healthy skin.

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