Saturday, August 27, 2016

Rosacea, aging, and appreciation: a client’s comments

The following was written by a client of mine who has used Yonka skin care products for several years:

I never thought I would be a cheerleader for a skin care brand, but I am. I swear I get compliments on my skin all the time from younger women, and they always ask me how I do it.

I’ve learned so much from you about how to take care of my skin as well as tips on how to psychologically deal with the fact that no matter what, we do get older. I’m trying to do it gracefully without fillers, Botox, and the like. I would rather look like a real person who is aging than a cartoon character with a frozen face.

I’ve been noticing older women who I find attractive even though they have sagging skin and wrinkles. I see that beauty and attractiveness is so much more than outward appearanceit comes from the inside, and I love being around people like that.

I love your mission for healthy skin, healthy body, and realistic goals for our lives. Prevention is always the easier path. I know that if I don’t eat well and drink enough water, my skin care products will only get me so far.

Sugar, alcohol, wheat, too many carbs, too many late nights can all wreak havoc on my rosacea. So rosacea is just a little messenger that says, “You aren’t taking care of yourself, and inflammation is running rampant in your system not just your face. Keep up the good work Carolyn!

Its always nice to hear from my clients, and this long-time Yonka user touches on something very important that I have been talking about for years. Your skin will usually be at least one of the messengers signaling you about the health of your insides. Breakout, for instance, is not just happening;it is a sign of imbalance. Similarly, rosacea, once it has appeared, will usually give you more than a slight nudgemore like a punch in the stomach!to let you know that something you are doing, eating, or exposing your skin to is simply too much.

Pay attention and proceed from there. And also relax and dont worry about every little thing that is going on with your skin and/or body. Life is meant to be lived. Step away from the mirror and go take a nice walk outside in nature.

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