Monday, August 15, 2016

An effective treatment for puffy eyes using Yonka’s Phyto Contour

Originally the bulk of this article was contained in the Yonka eye treatment post (listed below). I decided to separate the information to make it easier to accesshopefully!

How to go about treating puffy eyes is a question I am frequently asked by my clients. Following is an effective way to help reduce puffiness from the eye area using a Yonka eye treatment cream. Yonkas rosemary eye cream is certainly not the only product on the market that can help with edema around the eyes, but it sure is a good one.

For severe or even mild puffiness:

On a morning when you wake up with puffy eyes, I recommend using Phyto-Contour in the following way:
  • First, grab your Phyto-Contour and sit up in bed. Sitting up allows gravity to help give the fluids an opportunity to drain. If you just get up and go the puffiness is more likely to stay put
  • Apply Phyto-Contour in a thick layer under the eyes where the puffiness (or dark circles) is most prevalent
  • Relax and remain sitting up in bed for at least 5 minutes, 15 if possible
  • Now do your morning skin care Basics routine (cleanse, tone, hydrate). Because youre cleansing, you will be removing the eye treatment under your eyes, which is fine. If you gave it 5-15 minutes to work, you should see a reduction in puffines
  • After the Basics, apply whatever eye cream you choose, whether Phyto-Contour (in a thin layer now) or any other

If you are using this thicker application method other than first thing in the morning, still sit up somewhere and get comfortable. Apply a thick layer of Phyto-Contour and relax. Afterwards (assuming youre not going to clean your face), simply smooth in the cream and wipe off any excess product. If it were me, Id massage any remaining Phyto-Contour onto my neck. Why not? Rosemary is wonderful for all skin tissue!

By giving the rosemary a chance to absorb into the skin, it can help reduce the fluid retention you were experiencing under your eyes. This will make your puffiness and/or dark circles look much improved. Here is a comment about Phyto Contour from one of my clients: 

Thank you for the reference to your blog post instructions. I tried the morning method and noticed an immediate difference. Im looking forward to using this product more often!

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