Saturday, August 6, 2016

More questions about using a clay mask

I have a lot of blackheads that are very stubborn around my nose and chin. I’ve used a scrub to help the problem, but I don’t want to cause any damage to my skin yet I do want the blackheads to go away. Any suggestions?

The best product to super-clean your skin and the least likely to cause any damage would be a clay mask. If you have stubborn blackheads, I recommend using a mask more often at first and seeing how effective it is. With clay, and especially when using it frequently, you really need to heed my advice and keep the clay moist when it is on your face. Clay deep cleans and can definitely help to de-clog your pores. The more stubborn the problem, the more diligent you need to be about doing your routine.

I would be careful about using scrubs on stubborn blackheads. Why? Because when you have a lot of impacted material (dead skin and oil) held within the pores, you want to gently lift it out, not potentially drive it back into the pores. When using a scrub, the motion is to mash it into the skin—no matter how gently you are using it. If you do drive the debris back into the pores, you may cause infection, leading to all kinds of problems that are worse than stubborn blackheads. There is not a lifting action during the scrubbing process like there is with a clay mask.

I’ve heard toothpaste is good for clearing up zits.

Where this rumor got started I’ll never know. Just like the myths about using common household cleansers for problem skin, the best things to use on your skin are products made for your skin. Clay mask along with essential oils like geranium or lavender are your best bets for clearing up blemishes. Try using toothpaste, but I am sure you will find it does nothing, except possibly dry out and even irritate your skin. Toothpaste is for cleaning your teeth not for clearing your skin!

One of the tips I got from your book [Timeless Skin] that I do religiously now and have benefited enormously from is the clay masking. I've always had dry skin and have avoided clay masks a all costs until I read your tip about keeping it moist. That has been a tremendous help for my skin. Once or twice a week I use a clay mask as well as geranium oil for overnight spot therapy on the occasional monthly blemish. Thank you for your helpful tips!

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