Friday, March 24, 2017

Botox, “Mental Botox,” and a client’s comments

Botox® is a very popular anti-aging treatment. It is one of the least harmful procedures, but alas, it is also temporary. Only your inner core belief about life and the aging process is something that can hold its shape unchanged over time.

Botox isn’t technically wrinkle removal; consider it wrinkle postponement. Botox doesn’t truly erase wrinkles; it paralyzes the muscles at the site of injection, prohibiting movement during expressions. Once the toxin is absorbed and removed from the muscle, your ability to express will return, and so will the wrinkles.

Some of you will obviously choose Botox. But where does it really get you in the end? And do we know about the possible long-term detrimental effects of using this toxin over and over again in particular muscles of the face? The answer is no—at this point there are no long-term studies on botulism’s effect long-term. Botox was approved for use in the facial area by the FDA in 2002.

Mental Botox. What I’m introducing is a way to begin being consciously aware of how you are creating your lines and wrinkles through your repetitive and unconscious facial expressions. If you decide to get Botox injections, it will prohibit facial movements but will do nothing to teach you to control your unconscious expressions. Once the Botox wears off, you will be right back where you started, albeit a few months further away from deepening the lines.

I’m beginning to form lines between my brows. The only reason these lines are forming is from crunching up my face from squinting in the bright sun or when I’m worried or upset—oh, and I’m almost 55. Nevertheless it is something I am creating (the wrinkle); nothing else is causing it.

Mental Botox is this: I have simply, over time, learned to direct my conscious awareness to my facial expressions. Sometimes I don’t realize I am making wrinkle-producing expressions immediately, but now when I do become aware that I am, I relax that part of my face so the line will cease to increase. Sometimes I put my finger up there and massage the skin a little bit to help the muscles relax.

Because I am getting older and because skin changes as we age, these lines will end up forming on some level even with this Mental Botox application. However, I can certainly delay their coming and decrease their depth by learning to relax those muscles. This way I am in control of my destiny, and I don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars every few months for a Botox injection. And Mental Botox can be used for the rest of my life. It also enables me to make expressions, which are something that is a part of everyday communication and something lost with Botox.

I believe you can consciously direct yourself away from bad behaviors and habits as well as into new and improved habits. For example, I have not only used this self-programing for when I’m wrinkling my face, but also for when I am grinding my teeth. I now wake myself up when I am grinding my teeth, whereas before I would just wake up in the morning with a jaw ache from grinding all night. I simply told myself to become consciously aware of the grinding and to wake up when it was happening. Although it may sound impossible, it actually works. It’s just a matter of determination, setting a goal, and prioritizing its achievement.

They say we only use a very small percentage of our brain’s capacity. You have the resources within you to make changes, large and small, within your own life and body. Why not give Mental Botox a try? You have nothing to lose and maybe better body awareness to gain.

I had a bit of Botox around my eyes two weeks ago. I’ve been very afraid of that treatment but caved in. I have to say, it has made quite a difference. I just pray that it is safe! What are your thoughts on Botox?

I have said that if I had to get an anti-aging procedure (emphasis on had to), I would most likely choose Botox. To me, it seems the least invasive as well as the least problematic. And the results are temporary, so if it doesn’t do what you want it to do, you aren’t stuck with the results. But for now I will continue to go along using my mind to help me with aging. Yes, I mean using Mental Botox, but more so I mean I will continue to work on developing a healthy attitude of acceptance vs. resistance to the most natural process in our lives and our bodies—the aging process.

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