Friday, March 3, 2017

All Stressed Out: Help for your body, mind & skin

When you’re stressed, it’s a time when your body needs three things: rest and relaxation; healthy, clean, and easy-to-digest foods; and water as the main source of fluids. However, when you’re under stress you may tend to sleep less, eat poorly, and perhaps drink more alcohol, coffee and sodas, which all leach water from your system. So you may do the very things that will tax your body, making the stress even more significant.

This might be a good time to incorporate the next best thing into your day as much as possible. Taking supplements to help boost your weakened immune system would also be a good idea. Do anything you can in the course of your day that will help lessen the amount of stress you are feeling.

There are many people who do Chair Massage and will come to your office for a 15- or 30-minute “quicky” that can work wonders for relieving stress. Keeping good foods and clean water within close reach would also be helpful since stressful days usually mean you have less time to take for meals and snacks.

During periods of stress, the skin tends to suffer. Try to exfoliate regularly, and keep up with even just a basic skin care routine (try to clean your face daily!). Many of your routines may fall by the wayside when you are stressed, so try to keep up with at least a minimum of skin care instead of none at all. This would be a good time to get a facial. You can relax for an hour while someone else takes good care of your skin.

There are many different, small things you can do to help your body get through the stresses of the day. Try to find at least one or two to help lessen the intensity of your day—every day. Including anti-stress activities can go a long way to helping you with short-term or even long-term stress in your life. Take care of your body now, so it can carry you through stressful times and lead you to the light at the end of the tunnel.

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