Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Your skin care book inspired me to get into the business!

I recently purchased your book, Timeless Skin. I’ve only had it one day and I can’t put it down! You provide a wealth of information on the skin and its care. I purchased the book so I could learn more about the skin, how it works, what’s best for it. In August I will be attending a skin care academy, taking their Esthetics course because I want to become a licensed aesthetician. 

You don’t know how inspired I was when I picked up your book. I’m constantly searching for informative and accurate information on skin care. There are lots of books on the market and I hadn’t found one yet that was written by an aesthetician until now. Your book is wonderful and I hope you have continued success! I would like to know if you have any tips/advice for someone like me just starting out.  It would be most appreciated. Thank You!

I always appreciate hearing from readers, both laypeople and professionalsor in this case a soon-to-be professional—alike. I have already answered her question about what to do when you’re first starting out in the skin care field in the articles with links below. 

Knowledge is power, so I always recommend reading and doing your research, finding the best avenue for you in the skin care world or whatever field of endeavor you are interested in. Good luck to one and all! 

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