Thursday, January 26, 2017

MYTH: White lab coats mean excellence in a facial salon

White lab coats. They are supposed to connote cleanliness, even more so a medical environment. But white lab coats are simply white articles of clothing. I have seen for myself that sometimes a salon is trying to create a pseudo-medical atmosphere by wearing lab coats.

The medical community commands a certain level of respect and credibility, and we automatically associate lab coats with medicine. One of the buzz words in the skin care industry is “paramedical” and in my opinion, medicine has very little to do with facials and this type of topical skin care.

Not that medicine doesn’t have a place in many facets of life, but a facial is not supposed to be a medical procedure. It’s a relaxing treatment of topical (and cumulative) value to the skin. Any treatment going deeper than the surface skin is probably more of a medical procedure and should be performed by a medical doctor.

Im certainly not saying that there is anything inherently wrong with aestheticians wearing while lab coats, but as a prospective client, look beyond what you see and ask lots of questions.

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