Thursday, January 12, 2017

How NOT to apply eye cream

I don’t recommend applying cream on the upper eyelid. Read why:
Where one should apply their eye cream seems to be a big mystery to a lot of people. Looking over photos on the Internet reinforces my opinion that most people apply it incorrectly. I have included some photos from what look like homemade how-tos in order to give you my take on how toor rather how not to apply your eye cream.

There are several things that are wrong about the eye cream application in the photo above. I will say, however, that perhaps the cream was applied how and where it was for the sake of the photographto show up better. But since I wasnt at this ladys home when she took the photo, I will give a critique of how it looks like she was going to apply her eye cream and why you dont want to do it this way.

First of all, she has applied way too much product. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest anywhere on your body. Therefore it cannot absorb much of anythingincluding a thick, emollient hydrating cream. Less is more when it comes to how much eye cream to apply.

Next is where she has applied it. Actuallyno. I really cant get past how much cream she has used! Once she pats that into her skin, well patting probably wont work. There is just too much product!

The young woman in this image has also applied way too much cream and, similar to the first photo, not in the right areas. First, using too much product can and will cause edema (puffiness) because the skin is thin around the eyes and it simply cannot absorb much cream. Next, you really dont need to apply your eye cream so far into the nose area. Look in the mirror, squint, and where your lines are forming is essentially where you want the eye cream to go. Applying cream in the middle part of the eye area toward the nose may also cause edema or even dark circles. This tissue doesnt have the capability of taking in all of that cream. 

I don’t recommend applying eye creams above your eyes, on your upper eyelids, because it leaves the potential for the eye cream to migrate (move) down into your eyes. If you apply eye cream on your eyelid at night before going to bed, that would be OK. You will be asleep with your eyes closed all night so the cream should stay put. But then again, why apply eye cream on an area that simply doesn’t need it? Your eyelid doesn’t generally wrinkle or age. It’s under the eyes that you want to put the eye treatment you’re usingwhere your wrinkles are forming. This is where you want to apply eye cream.

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