Friday, January 19, 2018

Hair removal Q & A

I have hair above and below my lip and on my chin—yuck! I use a cream remover from Sally Hansen® right now. What do you think?

Instead of using a depilatory cream on your sensitive upper lip area, I recommend trying to lighten that hair with a facial bleaching cream. If the hair bothers you and dying it is not an option, as long as this depilatory cream doesn’t cause irritation on your upper lip (or chin), I guess that is the best option for you. Getting waxed is, of course, a very common practice, but I would use the depilatory cream before I would have those places waxed.

If the hair is really something that bothers you and needs constant attention, you may want to research getting either electrolysis or laser hair removal to eliminate the hair altogether. These are sometimes painful and expensive procedures, but either one can alleviate the need to be concerned about removing the hair once it is permanently removed.

Remember this important point: If you use a depilatory cream or wax the area, you will be taking off all the hair in that area, not just the hair you are concerned with—just like when you shave. In the waxing link below, I give more information on why you may not want to take this route for hair removal.

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