Saturday, January 13, 2018

Facial steamers & your skin

I’m using a facial steamer daily to help clear up congestion, and I’m somewhat concerned about what 15 minutes of facial steaming a day might be doing to my skin.

I have been giving facials and taking care of my client’s skin for over 30 years. I have many clients who have asked me the same question. My main problem with these at-home steamers is they require your face to be fairly close to the machine, similar to steaming over a hot pot of water. Because of this close proximity mixed with the heat of the steam, you can cause capillary damage very easily. Using these steamers daily—just don’t do it! Use only once a week if you must.

At-home facial steamers may seem like a great item to have around the house, but my recommendations are this: If you have to use it, put a clay mask on your face and then steam (never steam a bare face), or sell it in your next garage sale.

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