Sunday, June 18, 2017

Timeless Skin—book review

The following is from readerviews.com. I attempted several times to get permission to use it here.

Timeless Skin: Healthy Skin for a Lifetime
 by Carolyn Ash

Reviewed by Kim Peterson 
for Reader Views (May 2006)

For those wanting to know how to take care of their skin—young or old—Timeless Skin offers a good how-to covering the basics and beyond. Easy to read and easy to understand, Ash explains the “what and how” of the three essential steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Then she covers some important extras such as exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and deep cleaning the pores. All these steps can be done at home.

A most appealing aspect of her book is the information provided on professional facials. She explains the importance of the deep cleaning, exfoliation, hydration and relaxation available through professional facials. She details how often to use the services and lists important questions to ask when determining where to go. Ash also includes the different types of machines and why some are helpful and some actually aren’t. Her section on what to expect alleviates any trepidation first-time clients might experience.

As a Mary Kay independent beauty consultant, I have received a lot of training about skin. I found that I knew a lot of what Ash shared in her book. Of most interest, and new to me, was the information about essential oils and natural and herbal remedies beneficial to our skin. I plan to try some of her suggestions.

Ash devotes a portion of her book to skin types. Her assessment of damaged, sensitive and mature skin will assist people who are unsure whether they have these problems and what to do about them.

I appreciate her mandate to never use soap on your face. I like her straightforward discussion of the sun’s impact. And, I respect her no-nonsense assessment of the current trends and fads in skin care.

This keeper has earned a place on my bookshelf—but I won’t leave it there. Any time I raise a question or experience a memory slip I plan to consult Ash’s book to continue maintaining my skin’s health for years to come.

I also recommend this book for younger readers just becoming familiar with the long-term needs of their skin. Perhaps, they can avoid some of the mistakes and skin damage we “sun worshipers” caused ourselves during the sixties, seventies and eighties.

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