Saturday, June 17, 2017

Does picking at my skin cause scarring?

You mention that skin picking can cause damage. What kind of damage, and is it reversible?

Picking can but doesn’t always cause scarring. However scar tissue doesn’t just go away (it’s usually irreversible damage), so if you tend to scar if/when you pick at your skin you are probably going to live with that visible damage going forward.

When you pick without care, you are basically causing a little tear or injury to the skin. It has to heal, and in that healing process, a little scar could form. Not always, but it’s definitely possible. You must at least utilize the basic steps I have described in an earlier article (see link below) or you are asking for trouble.

But even then, even if you do everything right, you still may cause scarring. It all depends on how careful you are when you extract your skin and also how skilled you are at doing it. Also if your skin tends to be prone to scarring easily, this may happen more in your case than in someone whose skin is a bit more resilient.

Remember, part of the “skill” of extraction is knowing when to quit.

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