Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tips and helpful information if you wear foundation

What foundation do you recommend to your clients? Which brand?

I am frequently asked that question. There are so many different products and colors of foundation and so many different colors and types of skin. Even if there was a brand I thought was good, it wouldn’t work for everyone. That is one reason why I don’t recommend any company’s foundation. But it’s mainly because I don’t want to promote something I don’t think is a good thing for the health of the skin in the first place. I understand some women want to or have to wear foundation, but I do not have one product to recommend.

If you have to wear foundation, try a water-based product vs. an oil-based foundation. The oil-based product will stick inside the pores more than a water-based type. Many times when I have a client who comes in for a facial with an oilier foundation on her face, it will take me more than the normal two cleansings to get it all off. Sometimes I see small bits of foundation sitting in the pores after cleansing and even exfoliating during the course of a facial, which indicates she is probably not getting her skin clean at home. I always let my client know if she isn’t doing enough to get her skin clean—namely getting all the makeup off.

Cleaning at least twice at night is in order if you wear makeup. The first cleanse is to get the makeup off; the second cleanse is to get your skin clean. Without doing at least two cleansings, you are increasing your chances of getting clogged pores—at the very least.

When a foundation has a label that says it doesn’t clog pores, does that mean it doesn’t clog even if you wear it all day long, or is there a time limit?

There is no time limit for how long a foundation can stay on your skin without clogging your pores. Just know that whether you are wearing an oil-free coverup product or not, if it is sitting on your face all day long, it is contributing to clogging on some level. Be sure to get it all off every day. Also try to do The Extras (exfoliating and using a clay mask) once to several times a week to ensure your pores are getting sufficiently and regularly cleaned out.

Can I use my spray toner over my foundation during the day?

It would be more beneficial to spray your toner on before applying foundation or powder. If you spray afterwards you may set the makeup further into your pores. Why? The moisture from the toner will bind with the makeup and then set or harden onto your skin. Spraying toner throughout the day if you aren’t wearing foundation or powder would be a great thing. You’ll get the benefits of the toner whenever you spray.