Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Carolyn Ash—an interview

What is the Carolyn Ash Skin Care approach to healthy skin?

Getting regular facials and using high-quality products at home are vital to achieving and maintaining clear, vibrant skin. But I believe you must also care for your skin from the inside out to bring about the best results. Understanding the correlation between internal, balanced health and external beauty is what my work is all about. I
m interested in long-term, obtainable results that help my clients achieve healthy skinfor a lifetime.

Do you offer skin care consultations?

Generally I dont have anyone come in just for a consultation. I always encourage first timers to come in for a facial treatment. That way I can have at least an hour with their skin and that same amount of time to discuss my ideas on how best to take care of it. With that said, a thorough analysis of the skin is one of the first steps in my facial. Samples are provided at the end of the treatment for new clients to take home and learn about how the [Yonka] products can benefit their skinwithout any high-pressure sales pitch. By getting the facial that includes a detailed consultation, you can see how the products and the information you receive in the facial will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Do you see both women and men for skin care?

Absolutely! There has been this long-standing mythology that says facials are for women only. I actually think when the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy came out in 2003, it helped to clear up that misconception a bit. However, you don
t have to be a “metrosexual” to enjoy the benefits of a facial. Skin is skin, no matter which gender is wearing it. I always appreciate hearing about men getting facials. It says they understand the importance of skin care maintenance, and these men dont buy into the myth that facials are just for women. [Regarding the male/female subject, I tend to use she and her to avoid the awkward he/she or “him/her.]

When should someone begin thinking about a specific skin care routine? Is it best to wait until you see a need for it?

I like to say its never too late or too early to start taking care of your skin. Obviously, until you are in your teens (going through puberty), there really isnt a need to be concerned about your skin. But a teen with problem skin up to an adult with or without problems who wants to get into a routine, yesits a good idea to start a program, which ideally includes regular facials. On the other hand, if you are 30, 40, 50 or even older and have never really taken care of your skin and want to start, its not too late! It comes down to priorities. We do in life what is highest on our priority list. Once skin care gets on someones list, thats when I start seeing that client.

Do you think there is anything lacking in the world of skin care today or something that you would like to see happen?

Well, you
ve just touched on one of my soapboxes! I am and always have been a firm believer that we spend too much time on the outside and not enough time on the inside. Let me explain. I may have a client who comes in troubled about some aspect of her skin. Its not young-looking enough, she may truly be battling severe problems like acne or something else. But many times this persons lifestyle does not support that which she is seeking. She is trying to fix the outside, the skin, rather than assisting that process by going within. This entails looking at the diet with a lot of scrutiny. It also means fessing up to excesses like sun, sugar, alcohol, and stress.

You can change the outside, but without enhancing that change by strengthening the insideyour internal healthI think it is a waste of time (and money). I advocate doing what you can to feel better about yourself. But please dont neglect your physical health. Without that, the outside doesnt matter. I dont think the skin care industry talks about that enough. It seems to be more interested in proliferating the idea of quick fixes and miracles as a way to healthy skin. I guess I just have a different opinion on how to get there.

What types of results are your clients seeing with your facials?

Most everyone who comes in leaves with healthier skin, skin that reflects light and look clear and bright. Many women find less of a need or a total elimination of foundation especially if they are coming in regularly. I think everyone leaves with a sense of well being about their faces.

The other day a new client came back to get some products. She said that several people in her life had been complimenting her skinhow good it looks. She was ecstatic! She told me that had never happened before and it really made her feel good. This was just a woman who began getting facials and using good products. She didnt get surgery and didnt need to change anything dramatically to get the results she wanted: good skin that shows! That is a consistent result from my facials.

Another benefit, not really a result, is education. This above everything else is what I do best. If you want to know about skin care and how to get your skin looking great, my salon is a great place for that. I have been honing my skills since being licensed in skin care in 1985over 30 years! I dont have a big salon nor do I do anything other than facials (not even waxing), but this is what worksfor me. And my client is the person who is looking to simplify his or her skin care routine and still come out with great skin.

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