Monday, June 20, 2016

Top 10 reasons for not wearing a hat out in the sun

There are many reasons (or excuses) for not wearing a hat to protect your face from sun exposure aka sun damage. So many clients are so concerned about the aging process and about finding ways to slow it down. Wearing hats is an easy and inexpensive way to help keep sun off your face—or at least parts of your face—and help keep your skin looking younger longer. What is your excuse?
  1. I get too hot.
  2. I sweat more.
  3. Hats mess up my hair or I get “hat hair”!
  4. I don’t have a hat.
  5. They leave a funny indentation around my forehead.
  6. I don’t want to wear a hat.
  7. I left it at home, or in the car, or at the last place I vacationed, etc.
  8. I want to get sun on my face.
  9. Why should I wear one?
  10.  I don’t like the way hats look. (True, I’ve said I should go into the hat designing business because hats that are really giving you coverage (especially while exercising) can look goofy. Other than baseball caps and visors, there aren’t many choices for exercise-friendly, skin-protecting hats. And even those offer limited sun protection on the lower parts of the face.)

Unlike in Top 10 reasons for not wearing sunscreen: What’s your excuse?, I won’t go into detail with every excuse for not wearing a hat. We all know that sun exposure can cause skin cancer. We also know we should wear sunscreen and hats as often as possible when outside. So I’ll just leave you with this Top 10 List. Some reasons for not wearing a hat may be more valid than others. Regardless, no one can make you wear a hat if you really don’t want to wear one. As I have come to say more and more now that I’m in my mid-50s—it is what it is.

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