Saturday, June 25, 2016

“I’m breaking out & need your help today!” Simple steps to take if you can’t see your aesthetician

Carolyn, I am having a break out. I think I need to see you if you have any time today?

Unfortunately, I wasnt able to see this client that day. However, here are a few tips I sent to help with her immediate issues:
  1. Do you have any essential oils at home? Lavender or geranium, for instance? If so, tonight before bed and for the next 2-3 days, put a bit of the essential oil on any red spots that have come up. That will help to reduce inflammation and bacterial infection.
  2. Gommaging for 3 days in a row will also help to reduce the problems with breakout.
  3. Along with essential oils, you could also dot clay mask on the spots. 

Let me know how your skin is doing next week. It should clear up if you use these tips.

I wasn’t able to see this client’s chart before I answered her email, so I wasn’t sure if she had essential oils at home, but knew she had the clay mask. Even doing just one of the three things listed above would and will help with any breakouts you may be experiencing. More is better, but one could do the trick.

Also keep in mind, the blemish didn’t come up in an instant, so don’t expect miracles. Give it a few days or so to completely go away. And pleasedont pick. As you have no doubt already discovered, this rarely if ever makes things better.

There are several things you can do to help alleviate new (or older) breakout. Please read through the following articles as well as the many sections on this blog that pertain to any skin problems you may be experiencing.

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