Sunday, February 14, 2016

Tinted lipbalm replaces lipstick

You talked about a light-colored lip balm on a TV news program. Could you please give me information about this product? Where can I get it, and what was the brand name?

I don’t wear any makeup at all, but there are times I would like a little color on my lips. The product you mentioned sounds perfect for me. I have been looking for something like that for a long time.

The items I was showing on TV were tinted non-petroleum lip balms. They are wonderful problem-solvers because they are treating your lips while at the same time giving them some color. The pigments in these colored balms are not as dense as in a real lipstick, so they don’t give you deep color, but they do give you some color.

The actual products I had on the show are made by a company called Un-Petroleum®, although they are not the only company with tinted lip balms on the market. They can be found at most health food stores, and I’ve even seen some at regular grocery stores.

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