Friday, November 14, 2014

Yonka toners: Which one should I use?

Lotion PS
Even though I have oily skin, should I use the pink toner [Yonka’s Lotion PS] since I have redness from capillary damage?

In a word: No! The pink toner is wonderful—for true-dry skin—skin that does not emit enough oil on its own. If you have normal, normal to oily, or oily skin and especially if you have problems with breakout, you want to use the white toner, Lotion PNG.

Lotion PNG
Even though you have some capillary damage, using the pink toner will only increase the oily feel of your skin. The main difference between the two toners is glycerin. Glycerin is a great moisturizing, hydrating ingredient and is contained in the Lotion PS and not in the Lotion PNG. The glycerin in Lotion PS would be way too much for an oily skin; too much of a good thing.

Regardless of the redness in your skin, which can be addressed by using other Yonka products, if you have an oilier skin type stick to Lotion PNG. It has a higher concentration of essential oils (thyme, lavender, rosemary, geranium, and cypress), which helps to regulate oil and congestion—obviously beneficial for an oilier skin type.

Both of these products are wonderful. If you are not currently using one, I highly recommend incorporating one of these aromatic spritz toners into your daily Basics routine. 

Emulsion Pure
Yonka has a third product that can be used as a toner. Emulsion Pure does not spray. It has the highest concentration of essential oils, which makes it most effective for problem skin as well as inflammation from acne and infections. If you read Problem Skin Helpers: Yonka + more (see link below), it explains how to use Pure as a compress, something that works wonders for spot” treatments.

Pure can be use over the entire face as a toner or even mixed into your creams and applied that way. It really is best for problem skin and acne. The higher the concentration of essential oils, the better the effect on inflammation and infections (essential oils have strong antibacterial properties). In a more diluted form, like in Lotion PS (the lowest concentration of essential oils of the three products), essential oils are more soothing for sensitivities yet still have the beneficial properties of stimulating circulation, helping with cellular respiration.

Here’s another client question to further explain:

I was wondering about the difference between the pink toner [Yonka’s Lotion PS] (which I have been using) and the Emulsion Pure?  

The pink toner has the lowest concentration of essential oils of the three toners:
  • Emulsion Pure = highest concentration, best for problem skin and blemishes
  • Lotion PNG (white) = medium concentration for normal to oily skin
  • Lotion PS (the pink one) = lowest concentration, best for oil-dry, true-dry skin

The pink toner has glycerin in it, the other two do not. Glycerin is a humectant, helping to hydrate skin. If you have an oilier skin type, you would not want to use the dry skin toner. It will cause more oil and possible breakout. The pink toner, however, is essential for a true-dry (oil-dry) skin. 

Because of the essential oil content of these wonderful Yonka toners, they are an integral part of your Basics 1-2-3 Program.

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