Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Hangover Helpers

Overindulging during the holidays is inevitable for many of us. Overeating, staying out past our bedtimes, and drinking too much are commonplace. And alcohol has a definite effect on your skin. If you’re going to drink, incorporating the following steps will not only help replace lost nutrients and water in your alcohol-depleted skin, these suggestions will also help curb some of the “morning after” problems you may encounter.

It is preferable to attend to this the night you do the drinking instead of waiting for the morning after. But in case you weren’t able to get to your cure the night before, take these steps in the morning, first thing after waking if possible. Nothing will completely eliminate the ill effects alcohol can have on your skin (and your entire body), but hopefully these suggestions will help lessen the negative effects and make the next day a productive one.

WATER. Try to down two glasses of water for every glass of alcohol you drink. Although this method is optimum, it may be an impossible request. So at least try to get one glass of water for each alcoholic drink. Alcohol is a diuretic and causes dehydration throughout your entire system. Add to that the toxic nature of alcohol, and your body is in serious need of fluids. And the body’s fluid of choice? Plain, clean water. Even if you’re just having a glass of wine with dinner, drink a few extra glasses of water. It will help to replace what is being taken out of your body (and your skin) from alcohol consumption.

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL is another wonder cure for a hangover. Many friends and clients have marveled at how effective it is on hangovers. Evening primrose oil is an essential fatty acid (EFA). Alcohol blocks the absorption of this “essential” body building nutrient, so getting extra EFAs is important. Taking several capsules (6-10) before bed can go a long way to curbing a hangover. Most health food stores carry evening primrose oil 500mg capsules. 

EMERGEN-C is a wonderful hangover helper that I talk about in my book. It is a powder that you mix with water. I highly recommend taking it before bed and upon arising after a night of drinking. Even if you didn’t drink heavily, Emergen-C contains vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that are lost through the consumption of alcohol, no matter how little. If you’re hungover, the fizzy nature of Emergen-C can help to quench the inevitable thirst that hits you in the middle of the night and the next morning. Hopefully you drank enough water during your night out to help keep dehydration at bay, but Emergen-C will help to replace lost elements and hopefully get you back on your feet again. It can also be found at most health food stores. 

I am in no way advocating drinking alcohol and certainly not overindulging when you drink. I am, however, a realist, so if you are going to drink at least take some steps to help reduce the ugly morning after monster. Go to the store and get stocked up on Emergen-C and evening primrose oil—and of course good, clean water. 

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Enjoy your holidays!