Sunday, September 28, 2014

Post-pregnancy skin sensitivity

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you so much for the adorable card you sent Quinn [the new baby]. She’s doing great. Her skin is sensitive like mommy’s. I’ve actually had some issues lately with extreme sensitivity on my upper cheeks under my eyes. It started a few weeks ago. It might have been a reaction to some eye cream, although I had been using it for a while. I imagine my hormones are still going crazy since I’m nursing.

When it really flared up was when I used some pretty old Gommage. I haven’t exfoliated for a couple of weeks, but I really need tomy skin feels kind of bumpy and dry. So I thought I’d try the gentler gommage I used to use. Let me know what you think. 

Yes, right now and probably until you have stopped breast feeding and gotten your normal [menstrual] cycle back, you may experience unusual things with your skin (and body)—similar to when you were pregnant. Lots of reorganization is going on inside so once again, mama suffers!

I wouldn’t worry about the old Gommage (303) as far as it still being good. More likely it is the citrus in that particular product that is causing the reaction. For now, yes you will still want to gommage, so the 305 will be a better option. Put the 303 away but don’t throw it away! Once your body has readjusted and gotten “back to normal” you probably can use things you might not be able to right now. If you have a cream you use on your face with no reaction, perhaps try to use that temporarily under your eyes.

Sorry you’re having issues. Just go look at your little Miracle if you get down about your skin. She comes firstforever! And your skin, your body, will get back to normal eventually.

For new moms: If you have a reaction, just put that particular product away for now but don’t throw anything out if you’ve been using it in the past without issues. Give your body some time to get through all the intricacies of being pregnant, giving birth, and breast feeding before terminating any products you’ve used that are now causing problems. And like I told this client, go look at your little miracleand smile!

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