Thursday, September 18, 2014

Facial frequency: How often should I get a facial?

How often should I get a facial? 

I hear that question every day—or at least when I see a new client. Once a month is a common recommendation for getting regular facials. Every 28 days or so (sometimes a bit longer if you’re older), your skin cells regenerate. New cells are coming up to the surface and flattening out to form the uppermost part of the epidermis (the skin you can touch), while older cells are being shed. When you have a facial once a month, you are supplying the newly forming cells with good nutrition through increased blood circulation as well as getting rid of surface dead cells ready to come off. Essentially a facial enhances the natural life, death, and removal of skin cells.

Having a facial more often, once a week for instance, would be even more beneficial for your skin, but few people have the time or the money to do this. If I could, I would have a facial once a week and a full-body massage once or twice a week. But for most people (myself included), this is a fantasy. My point is, more often is always better than less often when getting regular facials.

And regularity is the key word. Rather than having a treatment once a week for a few months and then not seeing the inside of a salon for nine months, getting a facial less often (every four to eight weeks), but consistently, will yield the best results. You will receive immediate short-term benefits from a single facial treatment, but only by having regular, consecutive facials will you experience long-term results.

Another consideration is the condition of your skin. People with problem skin will want to have facials as often as possible to help keep their skin on the road to recovery. Skin that is broken out can really experience good results from professional treatments. Those of you with few or no problems will benefit from regular, monthly facials as well.

Everyone needs extra exfoliation, more hydration, and deep cleaning no matter the type or condition of the skin. I can definitely tell a difference in a client who has had monthly facials over a period of several years. There is a certain clarity and softness to her skin that is unmistakable. The lines are less noticeable, and her skin, quite simply, looks healthy. Usually she has a good understanding of her skin and knows the value of consistent care.

Time and money usually dictate how often you can have a professional treatment. First spend your money on good at-home products (since you’ll be affecting your skin on a daily basis), then try to have a facial every four weeks. If this is not possible, six to eight weeks would be my next recommendation. Even getting a facial seasonally will do a lot to help prepare your skin for whatever changes the weather will bring.

The importance of professional treatments cannot be overemphasized, but without daily at-home care, professional facials can only take you so far. Remember: Optimum results occur when incorporating good skin care habits at home as well as facials in a salon.

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