Saturday, January 29, 2011

Returning to an old favorite—Exfoliation Gloves

Have you ever used exfoliation gloves? They are 100% nylon, kind of rough to the touch, and they look—just like gloves! I recently purchased a pair (these came from Target and were under $5) and started using them again. I had forgotten how much I loved exfoliating my body with them and how good they make my skin feel.
These gloves are simple to use: Just put them in the shower and use them to exfoliate your whole body.
Please do not use these gloves on your face (or neck). Why not? They are simply too rough to use on your delicate facial skin. Just like a loofah sponge, these gloves are meant for your body not your face. 
  • Simply wet the gloves
  • Slather them with liquid soap or lather your bar soap while wearing the gloves
  • Go over your body—head to toe, minus your face and neck
  • Enjoy smoother, softer skin!

Be aware: These gloves are meant to slough off dead, dry skin, and they are rough, so use caution when going over sensitive areas. Feel free to use them all over (not your face and neck), but just be aware of how much pressure you’re using. You will know if you’re going at it too hard: your skin will feel sensitive and it will hurt! Be sure to slather your skin with body moisturizer after the shower. The glove exfoliation + moisturizing = soft, subtle skin.

Enjoy using these exfoliation gloves. They are inexpensive and fun to use. One year I gave them as Christmas presents to all my girlfriends—so they make great gifts, too!

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