Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let Bed Bath & Beyond save your skin!

Yes, you read it right: Bed Bath & Beyond can save your skin from sun damage! Let me explain:

I am sure you get those over-sized 20% off postcards from Bed Bath & Beyond. I get at least one per month. I keep them in the glove compartment of my car so I always have them with me in case I need to pop into that store. But now I have an even better use for them, or at least for one postcard.

Whenever you drive, your skin is subject to the sun’s UV light and radiation. Even with tinted car windows, some UV rays penetrate and go right to your skin. Sadly, visors on most cars do a poor job of shielding your skin from the sun. And rightfully so, really. If they were bigger and longer, it would impede your vision and you might get into an accident. But holding up one of the discount postcards is an easy way to get sun protection; you can move it around as needed, or simply drop it if you all of the sudden need both hands on the steering wheel.

Sometimes I fold one in half, sometimes I use it full length. But I always have one available for those times when the sun is hitting my face and the visor doesn’t do the trick. Using one of these postcards, and keeping it in your car, is an easy way to avoid more sun exposure while driving.

If you wonder how much sun you are getting sitting in your car, look in the rearview mirror at the driver behind you. You can see first-hand where the sun is hitting his or her face, and that means you are getting the same exposure.

I hope you will use this tip next time you see a Bed Bath & Beyond postcard in your mailbox. It can really save your skin!

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