Saturday, September 16, 2017

PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! A personal note about your skin and airplanes

Please: Don’t assess your skin 
in the bathroom of an airplane!

I always laugh when I’m traveling, in flight, and see my face in the mirror of the plane’s bathroom. I look at least 10 years older! I see things that on a normal day, in normal light, under normal circumstances, I don’t see. For starters:
  • You are looking very close up
  • Your skin is probably severely dehydrated during your flight
  • You are looking at yourself under the worst kind of light possible: fluorescent light 

Therefore it is so unfair to make any assumptions about what your skin really looks like after seeing it in the mirror of an airplane bathroom.

Please do not use these reflections as real and valid. You are in unusual conditions, and these images of your skin are unreal!

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