Sunday, January 17, 2016

Doglessness has its moments

I was prompted to write this piece as I walked across my kitchen floor barefoot, something I don’t do very often in the winter; I usually have socks or down booties on. The floor felt a little sticky, which I thought was odd and it’s what took my mind to my love, Quincy Blu, and how he probably spent a lot of time cleaning the floor when I was away from home. He wasn’t allowed in the kitchen, but as we all know, when were out of the house, all bets are off!

I’ve learned a lot since my pup’s passing last summer. Like a friend of mine once told me, you won’t believe how often your cats throw up until your dog is no longer taking care of things while you’re gone. This, I have found, is all too true. It seems my cats do throw up a lot, although they are all healthy and well. Its just that there is no longer my 4-legged scavenger (aka Quincy) togross as it might be to us humanslap it all up without my ever knowing. Yum yum.

I’ve learned that, although of course I’d rather be out with my sweet Quincy Blu, I do enjoy not having to take a dog out immediately after waking up in the morning. I like having my coffee and waking up that way vs. waking up outside.

This is my first winter without a dog since moving to Colorado. Actually, I was here for one winter that first year, but I was so in love with being outside it was pure heaven even without a dog. Now I find I’m not too sure what the weather is likewhat the temperature iswhen I get outside. Since I live in a condo and had to take Q out several times a day to walk and do his business, I always knew the weather and all the nuances that go with outside air. Nowadays, however, I like seeing the weather from inside my home and do not miss being out in the pouring rain, below zero temps, and gusty winds.

Q & me at the Bobolink trailhead, Open Space

I do miss the comradery I had with other dog adopters, especially at the park across the street from my home. Although I see some of them every now and then and can catch up, it really was another loss after Quincys passingthe loss of the social component that comes with walking a dog. The two go hand in hand; the passing of a beloved pet and missing the community of dog park friends.

I miss having a dog. Obviously I miss Quincy specifically, but I miss having a dog in my life in general. Admittedly, I do feel like kind of a cat lady now with 3 felines, the eldest, Grace, being almost 22 years old. I miss the difference between dogs and cats, the different interactions I have with a canine vs. a feline. I miss being a dog person. I love and adore my kitties, don’t get me wrong, but I truly love having both species under my care.

Yesterday I stopped by the Humane Society. A part of me was saying, “No no no!!!, but another part was saying, “Just go in and look. No adopting. It’ll do you good. And it did. I went through all the cat rooms, then on to the dogs. There were several sweet Pits, older dogs, big dogs, little ones, and 3 puppies sleeping together as though in an enlarged womb, all jerking around a bit as they were dreamingall joined together. Being among so many dogs did put a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart.

It’s not the time to get a new dog right now. It would certainly mess up the dynamics of my all-feline household. But someday, somewhere, I will have other dogs. It’s in my DNA I think. Cats and dogs. That sounds like a great home environment to mefor me.

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