Saturday, May 5, 2012

Several discontinued items from Yonka-Paris

The following products are no longer available. In some cases they do have replacements. See links (at bottom) to find out more.
    Lait Solaire. I have to say, I am so upset about this one. I love this sunscreen, and perhaps so do you. The “replacement” product is Yonka’s SPF 20. Its not quite the same, but it is more of a milky consistency like Lait Solaire is/was vs. a heavier cream texture. Milky equates to a thinner lotionbetter for a normal to oily or oily complexion vs. a cream, which tends to be thicker and a drier skin type can handle better. Give SPF 20 a try and see if you don't love it too. (See link below.)

    All Dermols (replaced by HYDRALIA). Originally, there was Dermol 1, Dermol 2, Dermol 3. Each one was made to suit different skin types: D1 was for normal to oily skin, D2 was for true-dry (oil-dry) skin, and D3 was for red, couperouse, sensitive, rosacea skin. Now all 3 are wrapped up into one formulation: Hydralia. For more information on this still important product, see link below.

    Mesonium 1 & 2 (replaced by SERUM VITAL). Out of all the discontinued/replaced items, the new Serum Vital is the most consistent to how Mesonium felt and made the skin look. The only real difference is now the two, separate bottles are combined into one. The only thing to remember is to shake before use! See link below for more detailed information on this wonderful product.

    Hydratant 60. This was a hydrating mask that I almost never recommended. Not because it wasnt effectiveit was. But most people who need extra hydration need to at least exfoliate first to get rid of excess dead skin cells that can inhibit proper hydration. So if I had a client who was feeling excessively dry,” it was Gommage or a scrub that Id recommend, not this mask. No matter, its gone now.

    Halo 70“Instant glow concentrate. Good riddance. I never even carried this product.
    Kirogel, which is kind of gommage for hands and feet. As an aesthetician I have to say it is hard enough getting my clients to gommage their faceslet alone other body parts. This just wasnt a big seller for me and apparently not for Yonka in general. Although Kirogel is gone, I do recommend my clients use Gommage on their legs before they shave if they are having difficulty with dry, flaky skin. It works wonders!

    Men’s Mask. This clay mask can easily be replaced by using MASQUE 103 or 105, which are both clay-based. 

    For more information and to find out the Yonkas replacement products, see: