Saturday, February 19, 2011

“I’m pregnant! How will my skin change?”

I just found out I’m pregnant! How does skin change through pregnancy, new motherhood, and nursing?
First of all: Congratulations! 

How a woman’s skin will changehow your skin will changewhen pregnant and during the nursing of your infant will be individual as to your own body’s chemistry and hormonal makeup. There really is no way to predetermine how your skin will change. Some women experience a clearing of problem skin and have a wonderful glow during the entire pregnancy, while other women develop breakout, redness, and other miscellaneous skin issues.

As I tell all my pregnant clients, the baby is in controlnot you! I recommend letting go and giving into the processreally—and remembering you are creating a living, breathing miracle, even if your skin is suffering. As soon as you are finished nursing and normal menstruation begins, your skin troubles (if you developed any) will most likely be a thing of the past. And that is the worst-case scenario. Usually it is during the first and second trimester that the hormones cause problems with the skin. 

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For now, relax and enjoy the ride!