Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taking Time Out—Less IS More

Lately I have been taking on a lot more than is normal for me. Consequently, I’m tired! What my body is telling me is get more sleepplease! And unfortunately, I haven’t really had time to catch up.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and can’t get off the treadmill of your life? At these moments, it’s time to take care and listen to your body.

During this time of overload, I have been able to take little cat naps. Even though it’s not getting me caught up completely, these little moments of rest are helpful. If I’m home between working and meeting up with friends, I’ll lie down on my bed—even for just 5 minutes—and relax. Any amount of relaxation during a stress-filled or otherwise busy time will help to recharge your batteries, even if just a little bit.

Without listening to your body and its needs, sometimes your body will just find a way to get what it needs anyway. Many times this will appear as some sort of illness or an injury—anything to get you to slow down! Our bodies are truly brilliant (and efficient) in this way.

Rest well and take care of yourself. I’m saying this to myself as well as to you!

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