Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Lazy (or Busy) Person’s Guide to Juicing

The following, for purists, is probably going to sound like an abomination, but life is life and realistically some things just don’t happen exactly the way we always want them to.

For instance, take my love of juicing. Over the past few months I have had out-of-town guests, the holidays, a busy work schedule. This certainly doesn’t preclude doing all it takes to juice, but I did find myself a bit out of the habit. I had even almost let $20 worth of lovely produce spoil in my fridge. It was at that point I decided to take on a new way of juicing. Not one I will adopt long-term, but for now it’s the best I can do.

I decided in order to juice I would have to do something I hadnt previously thought to do, but given the fact I wasnt juicing at all, it seemed like a good alternative. I went to the store and purchased packaged veggies vs. the bulk variety. This meant spinach and kale, for the most part, but also packaged carrots and green beans, too. Buying the produce in packages meant not having to do the whole soaking procedure, since the prepackaged produce is already washed (and cut). It may sound lazy, which it is, but this also meant I would be able to juice immediately without all the fuss.

As Ive said, going the lazy way isnt the optimal way to get the most from your juice. But when I sip my juice and see all the wonderful ingredients that are getting into my body, prepackaged or not, I know Im doing great things for my health.

Someday I will grow my own produce and that will make the most best-est and most nutritious juice drink available. For now, however, I will do my best to get bulk veggies, and when I cantyes, I will buy prepackaged produce, all in good health. 

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