Friday, January 22, 2016

Yonka’s HUILE CORPS—aromatic body oil—DISCONTINUED 4/2018

From Yonka headquarters:  
HUILE CORPS is a fast-penetrating oil that leaves the skin on the body with a feeling of well-being. It nourishes, hydrates, firms, and replenishes while its delicate aromas enliven the body and mind.

Smooth, quickly absorbed, and naturally aromatic, this triple-action oil repairs the driest and most damaged skin. It firms the epidermis and invigorates blood and lymph circulation. Use daily on slightly wet skin after shower or bath.

I love this body oil! It has that amazing “Yonka” aromatic and makes the dry, winter skin on your body feel completely hydrated without feeling oily. Body oils are best used when your skin is still wet from the shower or bath. Using body oils in the winter really help keep the alligator skin away.

Essential ingredients:
  • Hazelnut, corn and sunflower cereal oils—silkens, nourishes, neutralizes free radicals
  • Petitgrain essential oil—shapes, detoxifies and tones, improves coloring, balancing
  • Everlasting essential oil—improves circulation, slimming effect
  • Lavender essential oil—calms, regenerates
  • Sage essential oil—detoxifies, firms
  • Rosemary essential oil—vitalizing
  • Vitamin E—antioxidant 
Directions for use:
Apply any time after a bath of shower, day or night:
  • Apply on slightly damp skin for best results
  • Massage in well
  • Gently pat skin to remove any excess before getting dressed
Specific uses:
  • Stretch marks: Apply alone or mixed day and/or night with Huile Corps and Creme 55
  • Firming: Apply alone or mixed day and/or night with Huile Corps and Phyto 152
  • Dry skin: Apply alone or mixed day and/or night with Huile Corps and Lait Corps
  • Body contouring: Apply day and/or night with Huile Corps + Creme 55 (water retention) Huile Corps + Creme 155 (fat retention). Apply before exercise to affected areas to increase sedation
  • Heavy, tired legs: Apply in the morning with Huile Corps + Creme 55, in the evening with Phyto 152
  • Muscle aches & pains/exercise relief: Apply alone or mixed with Huile Corps + Creme 155
  • Sun damage: Apply alone or mixed with Huile Corps with Lait Apres Soleil or Lait Corps 

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