Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yonka for Men: FOAM GEL cleanser

From Yonka headquarters: 
FOAM GEL is a specially formulated cleanser that removes dirt, excess oil and impurities while preparing the skin for an irritation-free shave. Plant-derived emulsifiers gently cleanse and purify while a blend of botanicals and essential oils nourish, tone, and condition the skin. Its non-drying texture cleanses without stripping the skin, leaving the complexion with a fresh, comfortable finish. Perfect for all skin types.

Foam Gel cleanser is very popular with my male clients. This along with Barber Shave seem to keep the skin soft and make it easier for getting a clean, close shave. If youre not using a cleanser or are unhappy with the one you are currently using, give Foam Gel a try!
    Essential ingredients:
    • Copper, irissoothing, softening
    • Essential oil of limeastringent, anti-fatigue
    • Yonka “Quintessence” (essential oils of thyme, lavender, cypress, geranium, and rosemary)deep-cleansing, balancing
    Directions for use:
    Use morning and evening:
    It’s best to clean your skin before shaving. As with any cleanser, you can use it in the shower or at your bathroom sink.
    • Apply Foam Gel to damp skin using the fingertips, work into a lather, avoid contact with the eyes
    • Splash-rinse with tepid water and pat skin dry
    • If you’re going to shavedo
    • Use spray toner (Lotion YK, Lotion PNG, or Lotion PS)
    • For deeper cleansing, use the Foam Scrub 2 to 3 times a week
    • Follow with Age Defense or Nutri Creme (both are Yonka for Men creams)
    • Finally use Undereye Gel for anti-puffiness/dark circles
    Whenever possible, use hands to apply or remove products. Washcloths harbor bacteria and can be harsh on the skin; using your hands allows you to feel your skin. And always use tepid or room temperature water on your face. Never hot, never cold. 

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