Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hair products and skin irritation

I have noticed that certain hair products seem to irritate my skin. Do you recommend a certain type of conditioner? I have really long hair so I have to use lots of product in it every day. I try to keep it off my face, but I noticed recently that a new conditioner I was trying has aggravated my face. Any recommendations?

One recommendation is to really rinse the conditioner out of your hair before you leave the shower. I realize you are using it to soften and probably detangle your hair, but just the excess product left on your hair might be a big contributor to your problems.

If you are using something that you know is aggravating your skin, of course stop using it. If you can, go back to products that didn’t bother your skin, even though they might not be as effective for your hair. It may be a trade-off; you’ll have to decide which you’d rather have, clear skin or more manageable hair.

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