Thursday, September 1, 2016

A good idea: Facial Brushes for Beards

Although I’m not a fan of women using facial brushes (manual or electric) on their faces, a good use for a manual facial brush would be under a beard or even just a moustache. Due to the dense hair growth, the skin underneath doesn’t get any action and certainly little if any exfoliation. This can cause itching and possibly bumps under the skin, although you may not be aware of their existence.

To exfoliate the area under a beard or moustache, take a manual facial brush and gently nudge it underneath the hair onto your dry skin. Use this brushing technique prior to washing your face. Gently massage with the brush until you can feel the stimulation on the surface on your skin. Go over the entire area under your facial hair. If using this method on dry skin causes irritation, try wetting the skin under your hair growth and then use the brush.

Afterwards, take some cleanser and wash your face as you normally do (hopefully!), paying extra attention to the areas you just brushed, and work the cleanse into your facial hair. Be sure to get a thorough rinse to finish. Use your spray toner, and moisturizer your skin as usual. Do try to get some moisturizer under your beard, but don’t glob it on there. Just massage a little into the hair to help moisturize the skin you brushed underneath.

By using a facial brush under your beard, you are benefiting the skin by exfoliating that untouched area.

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