Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sluggish Summer Skin

Are you suffering from the summer skin doldrums? Do you look in the mirror and see a sallow-skinned face looking back at you? If you need to give your face a new summer sheen, read on and learn some quick and easy tips to put the color back into your cheeks.

First things first: exfoliate! This is something I talk to my clients about all year round. Excess dead skin buildup is one of the leading causes of sallow, pale-looking skin. Whisking away some of those dead cells can go a long way to helping you achieve that “healthy glow” we are all looking for.

There are several ways to exfoliate. Most common is the use of a facial scrub. These products contain abrasive particles in an emollient creme base and are sold in drug, grocery, and department stores. These abrasive particles help to lift and remove flaky, dead skin as well as increase blood circulation, which contributes to the healthy look of your skin.

If you have acne, raised pimples, sensitive or otherwise red or delicate skin, scrubs are not for you. Although they will help exfoliate your skin, scrubs can also damage the skin’s surface and cause redness and irritation. If you have any of the aforementioned skin conditions, using a gel-type peel (like Yonka’s Gommage) is a more appropriate choice for your skin.

Drink more water! This may seem obvious but I still can’t say it enough. Getting adequate amounts of water is intrinsic to healthy cells and therefore healthy skin. Each cell in your body is made up of roughly 2/3 water. And all of your organs, including your skin, require adequate amounts of water to perform optimally and function properly.

Dehydration is a lot more common than you’d think. I’m not talking about dehydrated skin; I’m referring to the body as a whole mechanism lacking adequate water and becoming dehydrated. For making any glass of water a little healthier, see link below for Quick Tips to have fresh lemon juice at the ready—always. (Lemon juice helps to alkalize your body.)

Just taking these few steps—exfoliating and drinking more water—can eliminate dehydration on the outside and the inside, which will help get your summer skin glowing again! 

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