Thursday, July 23, 2015

New mommies have no time!

Are you out of time? When you have an infant to take care of, you’re lucky if you can brush your teethforget about your skin! I hear this over and over from new mothers. It seems there just isn’t any time to take care of yourself, your skin included. Perhaps adopting a revised attitude is in order. This attitude is similar to the Zen imagery of being a rock in a stream. You can fight against the water coming down around you, or you can just sit in the stream and enjoy the shower you are experiencing. “Go with the flow” is a more concise way of putting it.

The first few months after the birth of your child, you probably won’t have time to do much. If you can brush your teeth, however, you can cleanse your face.

  • When going to brush, take a few extra seconds and grab your cleanser.
  • Put it on your face, brush your teeth, rinse the cleanser off, and you’re practically done. (This is a Cleansing Quick Tip.)
  • After rinsing the cleanser off and drying your face, spray your face with toner. (If you're a client or familiar with my writing, you may already have your toner in a spray bottle.)
  • The only thing left is moisturizer. A few more seconds will get it on your face, and you have accomplished the impossible: you have completed your Basics 1-2-3 Program and in record time! 
  • For an even easier way to clean your skin, click here to read about a new waterless cleanser from Yonka—one you simply apply with a cotton pad, wipe your face, and cleansing is done!
It only takes a few extra seconds to wash, spray toner, and apply some cream to your face. Without this twice-a-day care, your skin may be headed for trouble. It will take you one or two minutes, tops, to do The Basics, morning and night.

I never expect new moms to do their weekly exfoliating and clay masking. I just assume this is “mission impossible.” But in case you are one of the lucky ones with a few extra minutes once or twice a week, including these two steps (what I call The Extras) will help you maintain healthy, clean and clear skin. The most important thing for your skin are the daily Basics 1-2-3. The Extras are just that, and at this point do what you can, when you can, and don’t worry about the rest. You’ve got a lot of other things to attend to—namely your new bundle of joy.

Getting a facial every month or even at 6-8 week intervals would be an enormous gift
for your skin as well as your psyche. In the capable hands of a professional, you can help to undo weeks of neglect that have built up in your skin. By no means are facials going to miraculously reverse problems that may have occurred, but they can further the health of your skin tremendously. Plus for that hour in the treatment room, you can get away completely and luxuriate without worrying about the baby crying or the telephone ringing.

Over the years I have had many new mothers come in with their infants, usually under 4 months old. If the baby has recently been fed, he or she sleeps through the facial, lulled by the soft music and low lighting. And mom gets a mini-vacation while having her babe by her side.

The bottom line, don’t stress yourself out about not being able to take great care of your skin. After your baby gets into a rhythm, so will your life (sort of), and you will probably find more chunks of time to accomplish tasks for yourself. Enjoy your new little one, and do what you can for yourself. Breathe, relax, and know that you have created a living miracle. I suppose the next gift is to find time for the miracle worker—you!

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