Saturday, April 11, 2015

If you use Yonka’s spray toners, please read this for a helpful tip!

The other day I was spraying the very last bits of my wonderful (favorite) Lotion PS. The spray on this toner is very fine and hits my face so lightly and evenly. The next time I sprayed I used a brand new bottle I had just opened. The toner is still wonderful, but the spray just wasnt up to the standard of the last bottle. This reminded me of something I usually forget to tell my clients: If you have a bottle of toner with a sprayer you love, keep it! Heres what to do:
  • Once your toner runs out, take the sprayer out
  • Toss the glass bottle in your recycling bin
  • Spray whatever remains in the sprayer (there will be a small amount left in there)
  • Let it dry completely, maybe for a day or two, somewhere out of the way
  • Then put the dried out plastic sprayer in a sealed baggie for possible future use. I put mine in the cabinet under my bathroom sink
  • If your next bottle of toner has, like mine did, a sprayer that is OK but not as wonderful as youve had before, pop the old sprayer into the new bottle and once again you can say, “Ahhhhhh!
Luckily, I hadnt yet tossed out my old, empty toner bottle, so I will be able to do as Ive just instructed. Now when I go to spray my face, I’ll get to feel the fine spray that I have loved for the past 6 months (about how long a bottle of toner lasts).

A bit of an update!: I just tried to open the older toner bottle to get the sprayer out without much luck. So I just popped off the little white, plastic spray top (without the full spray straw attached) and popped it on the new bottle of toner. Voilà. That is a whole lot easier than the aforementioned method. However, either way will do; choose one and enjoy endless hours of spraying your yummy Yonka toner!

If youre not sure which toner you should be using, along with other toner information, see: