Sunday, October 1, 2017

Yonka’s GALBOL 190—Firming, hydrating concentrate for bust and body

From Yonka headquarters:
GALBOL 190 is an anti-sagging complex for the body and bust. This fluid concentrate is non-oily and is applied to all the areas lacking tone.  

With the firming, regenerating and hydrating action of its 20 plant extracts, the epidermis [outer skin] is smoothed and tightened, the bust shape is redefined, and the tissue gains firmness. Finally, Galbol 190 vitalizes with its natural fruity scent.

Here I go again! As many of you know, I truly do not believe that a mere product applied to the skin (epidermis) can do anything close to actually firming” and/or tightening” skin. Ever. There are wonderful ingredients in this body product, however unless you are the type who likes to apply lots of products to your body (other than moisturizer), I can’t really recommend using Galbol 190.

Similar to my feeling about the former Galbol 90 face product that has been renamed “Lift + (see link below), the ingredients are wonderful but I don’t for a minute believe either of these products is lifting anything, let alone your skin. If you use Galbol 190 and love it, please let me know! I am always open to hearing from Yonka users with positive experiences even if it contradicts my own professional opinion(s).

Essential ingredients:
  • Horsetail—helps firm and promote cellular regeneration
  • Hop plant—intensely shapes and firms
  • 20% PCA (beets, potatoes)—super-hydrating
  • Citrus Complex—tightens
  • Sage—firming, regenerating
  • Coltsfoot—stimulating
  • White nettle—corrects tissue pressure, vasotonic
  • Yonka “Quintessence (essential oils of thyme, lavender, cypress, geranium, and rosemary)—revitalizing, toning 
Directions for use:
Apply morning and/or night:
  • After the shower or bath 
  • Concentrate on the areas of concern 
  • Help it so soak in with active movements
  • For a reinforced firming action, use GALBOL 190 in combination with PHYTO 152

Dont let me stop you from trying this product. If the firming and tightening fail, you will at least be using great ingredients on your skin.

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