Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunscreen Quick Tip

Don’t apply sunscreen like this! Apply it like a day cream over your entire face, neck and wherever else you’ll be exposed.
Many sunscreens can be used as your moisturizer. Don’t start piling on moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup. It’s too much for the pores. Any sun product is going to have a moisturizing cream element to it unless it is a true spray on. Even so, the spray will have hydrating qualities as well
  • Since oilier skin types can’t handle to much product on the surface of the skin, using your (creamy) sunscreen should be adequate to both hydrate your skin and protect it from harmful UV rays

Sometimes in the winter months when I was younger (up until my late 40s) I would put a thin layer of hydrating cream under a sunscreen. My skin was more dehydrated in the colder seasons due to colder winter air and drying heat inside my home. However in the warmer, summer months (I had fairly oily skin in my 20s through 40s), I would just use sunscreen as my moisturizer and my skin did just fine.

If you have an oilier skin type, I recommend just using sunscreen without this semi-layering method—unless your skin is telling you it needs more moisture. True-dry (oil-dry) skin may be fine layering creams like this (sunscreen and hydrating cream). Oilier and especially problem skin will probably not handle the load of two creams.

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