Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wholistic or Holistic: However you spell it—make the healthy choice

I choose to spell this word wholistic vs holistic. It immediately implies whole, as in the whole body. No matter how you choose to spell it, this word has gotten a bad rap. For certain people, I think it connotes some sort of airy-fairy, nonsensical, even religious meaning that has nothing to do with its actual definition. The base word is whole. This, as anyone knows, means entire, all, or everything. So wholistic, in relation to the human body means taking into account the body in its entirety.

A wholistic approach to medicine or a medical condition simply means looking at the body as a whole instead of just focusing on the affected area. I use this wholistic approach as a rule whenever I am treating someone with problem skin. It’s never just about the breakout and how to make the blemishes go away.

For me, and thus my clients, it is about looking at the individual as a whole person, breaking down their diets, their exercise programs (or lack of one), and looking at how much stress is in their lives. I also look for other factors such as things that are new. New laundry detergent, a new living situation (new local, new house, new housemate), new foods, (eating unusual food while on vacation, for instance), a new workout routine—new anything that might be contributing to their skin problems.

If you are only treating the symptom, or just one part of the body (in this example, the skin), I believe you are missing out on the total and long-term solution. Try the word wholistic on for size next time you are faced with a skin condition or other problem with your body. Don’t just focus your attention on the symptoms; truly look at all aspects of your life as holding answers to the potential cause or causes of your health concerns. Take a wholistic approach.

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