Friday, May 13, 2016

What NOT to use on rosacea

Don't use ice on your face!
While reading several books about rosacea, I kept coming across the words “ice,” “cold packs,” and “cold water” to help control the redness associated with rosacea. I realize how frustrating having rosacea can be, but please heed this warning: Extremes in temperature, whether hot or cold, can and do have a negative effect on rosacea. Why? Because capillaries are immediately and adversely affected by temperature extremes, which can cause breaking or dysfunctioning of the capillaries, in a word—damage.

Because I believe rosacea is a vascular condition, you want to minimize dilation and constriction of the inherently weak capillaries. Therefore, using moderate temperatures on your skin is a must. Use tepid, lukewarm water on your face and use nothing in extreme (hot towels, steam, cold water splashes, and especially ice). If you have rosacea and you need to cool down your flushed face, by all means do what you have found to be effective. But if possible, steer clear of extreme cold and reach instead for something cool. As much as possible, go for moderate rather than extreme.

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