Marc Chagall Museum (Musee National Marc Chagall)—Fall 2009

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Detail of “Le Cantique des Cantiques IV” 1958


Another detail

I love how colorful his work is. I did a lot of detail photos to show how beautiful his strokes are.

I love this detail!

This one too!

Chagall was prolific. Among other mediums, he did stained glass for his own museum, which opened in his lifetime. Nice, yes? (And by “nice” I mean “good,” not the city in France!)

More cool stained glass

Some stone statues
More stone

I love this detail!

And this is my favorite detail—it is so beautiful!


Isn’t this amazing? If you had to guess and weren’t looking at a Chagall photo album, I’ll bet you wouldn’t know he painted this.

I’m not sure what painting this detail came from, but I love it!


I took photos of some of the photographs of Chagall hanging in his gallery/museum. He’s painting his wife, with his daughter standing behind him.

A family portrait

This is a detail of another family photo.

Chagall in later life. I already loved his work, but that he’s an animal lover—that seals the deal!

Translation anyone?