Saturday, May 20, 2017

Comments regarding Yonka’s Juvenil vs. essential oils

Just so I have this right: The ampule of brown liquid you gave me is the same one that is in the first blog article you sentyes? It says you can put it all over your face, and I got a different impression from you today, so I guess I’ll need some clarification.

Yes, the blog post was for Juvenil, the same brown liquid I gave you today. What I was saying was you can use the Juvenil in larger areas than you would would ever want to use the lavender essential oil. The Juvenil is very liquid-y and a little goes a long way, but yes you can use it all over the face. With that said, it would be a waste to use it in places where there is no breakout since that is what it helps to diminish (breakoutred infected places). Hope that clarifiesif not, I’ll give it another go!

Again, you can use Juvenil on any breakoutwidespread or not. With lavender you don’t want to use it “liberally"just on individual spots. Lavender or any essential oil is too intense, too scent-y, and too much for the skin using any other way than just locally. Juvenil, on the other hand, can and should be used liberally, although it, too, can be used as a spot treatment. I hope you guys find some help with the Juvenil!

Here is a short followup from my client:

Okay, my son got a nice dose of Juvenil on the bad spots this morning. He didn’t complain too much about it, so we’ll see how it goes! 

You can’t go wrong with either of these products (Juvenil or an essential oil), but in some cases one is preferable than the other. If you have widespread breakout I’d recommend Juveniloften and liberally. If you just get a blemish now and then, you might be better off with an essential oil, like lavender of geranium. Personally, I like to have my arsenal of skin care weapons chocked full, so if you can have both on hand for any problems that appear on your skin.