Sunday, February 28, 2016

Q & A: Geranium for Blemishes

In your book, Timeless Skin, you recommend applying geranium oil to blemished skin. What would I mix it with? Also what do you think about virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer for the face? Could this be used to dilute the geranium oil?

You don’t actually “mix” the geranium with anything. You just put a tiny drop of this (or any) essential oil on the infected blemishes—that’s it. You don’t mix the essential oil with coconut or any other carrier oil; you don’t want to dilute the geranium. Simply put it on the blemishes after you have done your evening 1-2-3 routine (cleansing, toning, night treatment cream). Please—do not mix this or any essential oil into products you’ll be applying to your entire face or any large area. Use geranium or your favorite essential oil on the infected blemishes—only!

Here is another client question reiterating my statements. I include it here for emphasis:

How often should I apply the geranium and where? Do I dab it on my blemishes or put it all over my face?

Do not mix geranium or any essential oil in with your cremes, and under no circumstances should you rub it all over your face! In reference to the previous email, this is no doubt why manufacturers say not to use it neat—as a precautionary measure because someone may unwittingly put it all over their skin.

Geranium is best used on infected blemishes only. If the spot is red, which generally indicates infection, use the geranium. If not, don’t. In other words, using this essential oil on blackheads won’t do you any good. Just dab it on infected places for 2-3 days or until there is a lot of improvement in the spot(s). Apply it at night after your Basics 1-2-3 routine or right before bedtime.

If I put geranium on overnight, should I wait until the mask dries then put on the geranium, or can I put both on at the same time?

I recommend waiting until the mask dries. Otherwise, when you apply the (wet) geranium to the wet mask, your finger will usually take the mask off. So, wait a few minutes after applying the mask, then put a drop of geranium on the clay.

As I have said in just about every piece of writing about essential oil of geranium, I now tend to recommend lavender due to its more pleasing aromatic. Many of my clients just couldn’t take the strong scent of geranium oil. The actions of the two essential oils are somewhat different, but not enough that I prefer one over the other. I do have a few clients who love geranium, strong aromatic and all. Whichever you choose, do use essential oils on your spots to help them to heal faster and keep your skin clear.

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