Friday, August 8, 2014

Sunburn Relief Cocktail

Lately I have been making a great cocktail for sunburns. I rarely get a sunburn, but on a recent hike I missed a small spot on my arm and got a sunburn there. After using my concoction, the skin never peeled and the red of the burn went away within a day. The ingredients include:
  • Aloe vera gel. You’ll need to find a product that is at least 95% aloe gel, but nowadays 100% aloe is easy to find. The higher the percentage, the less “other junk” will be in it
  • Lavender essential oil. This, too, is easy to find. You want to be sure you purchase pure essential oil of lavender—not lavendin or a blend—just 100% lavender essential oil
  • Whatever body cream you currently use/have at home

First, apply straight aloe gel to the sunburned areas. Be generous! Applying aloe gel is one time you don’t want to scrimp on product. Let that first application dry, which won’t take long since it’s a gel.

Next, apply a mixture of aloe gel along with several drops of lavender essential oil and whatever body cream you are using. Slather this on the affected area(s). The aloe vera helps with hydrating the skin and helping it heal faster; lavender takes the burn out of the over-exposed skin and also soothes the area; the body cream keeps the lavender on the skin and also helps to hydrate at the same time. All of this will also help to keep the sunburned skin from peeling.

If you’re going on a vacation, or simply to the beach, please take these 3 items with you in your sunburn tool kit. You may not plan on being over-exposed but it happens. So be prepared and check out my Sunburn Preparedness Kit, too. You’ll be glad you did. Now, go have some fun outside!

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