Sunday, January 23, 2011

A nice mention from a fellow blogger—“geranium oil”

The following was written by fellow blogger Lisa Fabrega, whose blog is Whole Person, Balanced Life. Lisa read my book, Timeless Skin, and was gracious to write this lovely article about something she read in the book regarding the healing properties of geranium oil. I am most grateful for her kind thoughts and comments and wanted you to be able to read her post and enjoy it as I did. Thank you so much, Lisa!!!

Whole Person, Balanced Life  · January 29, 2010
Geranium Oil—nature’s best blemish fighter

About 5 years ago, I read a great book called “Timeless Skin” by Carolyn Ash. It completely changed the way I take care of my skin and I bet if you read it, it would do the same for you. Carolyn Ash is really the one who got me thinking about all the chemicals we put on our bodies every day with our personal care products. In the book, she is a huge advocate for natural, organic skin care. Basically she thinks if something contains any toxic chemical, you should not put it on your skin. Many of the guidelines I posted for my skin care series back in November came from research I did that was stimulated by reading Carolyn Ash’s book.

In the book, one of her favorite things to use for scars, disinfecting wounds, and blemishes are essential oils. At the time I read the book, essential oils to me were just nice little fragrances you could light up in a ring around a lightbulb to scent your room. I had no idea they had actual healing properties!

Carolyn was a huge proponent of geranium oil for blemishes. When I read this, I just had to give it a try. And wow, was I in for a surprise!

Most of us operate under the misconception that in order to get rid of blemishes we need to blast them with a major amount of harsh chemicals. What we don’t know is that blasting our skin with harsh ingredients can actually cause us to break out even more. Why? Because our skin is really intelligent and it has a balance to keep. If we throw it off whack by stripping it of its natural oils with harsh chemicals, it’s going to swing back the other way to restore that balance. Meaning we will get more oil, and probably, more blemishes as a result. So clearly, harsh chemicals only make your skin worse in the long run, though they may or may not be effective at getting rid of that blemish.

Enter Organic Geranium Oil.
Geranium oil is obtained from: you guessed it—Geraniums!!

It has absolutely incredible disinfecting properties and has been used as an antiseptic agent in products for years.

Therefore, it only makes sense that it would work well on blemishes? I mean, a pimple is basically a small inflamed elevation of the skin—meaning it’s infected!

So geranium oil, with its marvelous antiseptic properties, is the perfect product for pimples.

“But isn’t it called geranium oil? How is applying oil to a pimple going to make it go away? Wouldn’t it make it worse?” Good question. Essential oils are not the same as the cooking oils you have in your kitchen. If you dab a bit of essential oil on your skin, you will find it evaporates rather quickly—so it won’t leave an oily residue on your skin. Plus most essential oils have some antiseptic qualities, so they won’t be clogging your pores up and infecting them.

I’m sure this all sounds good in theory but you want to see the proof right? I mean, we’ve been conditioned since our teenage years that the only thing that’s going to blast that pimple into nothingness is the most nuclear pimple cream out there, right? Wrong.

After I read about geranium oil in Carolyn Ash’s book, I tried it. It soon replaced ALL of my blemish fighting creams and became the only thing in my medicine cabinet to fight pimples. I even use it on small cuts and scrapes.

I’ve been using it again recently to combat a mini-breakout on my face and it’s good to know that it still works just as well as it always has. In fact, sometimes I notice that it virtually eliminates a pimple overnight—or at least greatly reduces the size of it!!

The best thing is that geranium oil, being an essential oil, is very concentrated—so just a tiny bit goes a long way. The tiny bottle fits perfectly in my medicine cabinet, doesn’t take up space, and packs a powerful punch to any pimple who dares wander across my face. Plus, it’s cost effective because that little bottle will last you almost an entire year!

Some Tips on Using Geranium Oil
  • Only use a Q-tip to apply it
  • Resist the urge to use too much of it
  • Get acquainted with the scent
Because geranium oil is so concentrated, it can be irritating to the skin if you apply too much of it. When I use it, I just soak the tip of a Q-tip and then quickly dab the Q-tip on the blemish/cut in question. Resist the urge to apply too much as it is very concentrated and can over-dry your skin if you apply too much. I did this once and it was not fun, my skin got very red and irritated. Yes, it will seem to evaporate from your face when you apply it (this is a normal quality of all essential oils) but that does not mean it is not already in your dermis, working its magic. Just one good dab will do, trust me!

Geranium oil has a very strong flowery scent. Some people do not like how strong the scent of geranium oil can be. Some people love it and says it smells closer to a strong rose smell. As for me, it did take me a little getting used to at first, but I would rather have something that smells like geraniums on my face than a harsh chemical that is making my body toxic and ill. Following the rule of not applying too much will also reduce the amount of scent the oil gives off on your skin. I actually like the scent now and use it frequently during Reiki sessions with clients. I feel that when it is burned, it gives off a bright, mood-uplifting scent.

The best part is that the little bottle will last you forever—since you barely need to use a lot of it, that bottle can easily last you up to a year! Now you can save all that money you’ve been spending on blemish fighting products and use it to buy yourself something nice.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! And I encourage you to try geranium oil for yourself—it truly is nature’s little wonder at reducing/eliminating blemishes!

Thanks again, Lisa, for a great article on the importance of essential oil of geranium!